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So, you have a baby but don’t want to listen to The Wiggles (no shade) 24/7?, here are some kid-friendly music playlists that aren’t full of kids’ music.

Did you know babies can recognise and respond to music even before they’re born? Sure you did! We bet you even played music to your growing belly.

Most parents can't wait to share their favourite tunes with their little ones. But there’s nothing like the presence of tiny ears to have you double-guessing the lyrics of…everything.

So you have two options, commit to listening to nothing but The Wiggles for the foreseeable future, or spend hours (that you don’t have) creating kids’ music playlists that don’t suck. 

That’s where we come in.  

And FYI - we love The Wiggles, we’re just here to make sure Comfy Koalas’ babies are getting a well-rounded education.

Small Fry Rock Brisbane

Small Fry Rock Gig, Brisbane 


But first; why is an eco-nappy company making playlists? 

Did you know that music is super important for babies? That's right, even the tiniest tots can benefit from exposure to music. Research has shown that music can help babies develop cognitive skills such as language, memory, and problem-solving. It can aid in emotional regulation (no surprises there) and even help regulate sleep patterns.

And for adults, music is SO important for mood - something that’s often stretched when functioning on zero sleep. 

Also, we know you aren’t trying to raise humans who get ALL of their music education from TikTok.  

This is why we put together three kid-friendly music playlists that have been pre-screened for both lyrics and degrees of awesome.

Let’s start with Hip Hop for kids 

This kids’ playlist is perfect for parents who want to introduce their little ones to the genre, without having to answer some sticky questions afterwards. 

Featuring child-friendly hip-hop and rap songs (did you know that Snoop did a kids’ album?) along with carefully vetted classics from your faves.

Is it the best hip-hop playlist on Spotify? No, so many of the classics are sadly missing, but it’ll be sure to make your kids drop it like it’s hot, without you having to dive for the pause button. 

And you get to enjoy some beats with also learning all about Snoop’s inspirational songs for kids. Who knew? 

And of course, there’s a family-friendly rock ballads playlist

As far as lyrics are concerned, putting together this family-friendly playlist was a breeze, so the focus was much more on providing a wholistic education, from Janis to Grohl. 

We made sure the ladies are well represented because they are sadly neglected in many a rock playlist, despite being some of the most influential voices of the genre. 


This lineup was curated with kitchen air-guitar sessions in mind. It’s also been known to have the power to turn the mood around (or drown out the chaos) during those car rides where everyone is screaming. 

Tanty, but make it rock.

We didn’t forget the Aussie greats

We have a passion for all things Aussie, can you tell? 

So, we couldn’t launch our playlists without paying some real homage to the home-grown heroes. 

Spanning from early classics to the oh-so-fresh tracks that are currently making waves in Aussie music. 


And yes, we included some of our very own Comfy Koalas musical-mamma ambassadors like the soulful Tessa Thames and bass super mama Kelly from Camp Cope.

Fun fact, one of our co-owners was actually in an Aussie band that features on this playlist. 

And we’re not done yet. 

We hope you enjoy the fruits of this oh-so-hard day at the office. 

Whether you're looking for some playdate background music or just want to switch up your usual routine, we are happy to assist.

Ok, now we will go back to making nappies. Have a nice day.


Looking for baby's first concert? We recommend Small Fry Rock who host awesome gigs for littles across NSW and Queensland, with acts like Adalita and Ben Lee, you're bound to have as much fun as your little one.

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