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Want to sell Australia's Most Loved Eco-Friendly Nappies?

With over 50,000 online customers, Comfy Koalas has shot to fame since 2019.

Why? Because we're a family business with a big, noble mission 'To rid the world of plastic nappies - one poop at a time!'

And since launching, we've created a strong brand presence, loyal community and mass demand - everyone's talking about #EveryPoopCounts

Join us as a Retail Partner and enjoy competitive wholesale prices & promotion through our thriving online channels.

Our Difference:
Every Poop Counts

Comfy Koalas is a local, family owned nappy brand with a difference.

Most supermarket nappies are a BIG problem. They're full of plastic and harsh chemicals that cause nappy rash. They're then wrapped in even more plastic AND they sit in landfill for up to 500 years.

We're Sydney parents on a mission and in 2019, with a baby on the way - we solved this problem.

Comfy Koalas are not full of irritating plastic or water guzzling cotton - we use the most sustainable plant on earth - Super Soft Bamboo.

Our nappy also breaks down - independent testing confirms that 70% of our nappy returns to the earth in just 45 days, which is a huge improvement on your average plastic nappy.

We also designed them to prevent pesky (and ouchie!) nappy rash - naturally, with the magic of hypoallergenic bamboo and aloe extract combined.

Since launching, we've organically grown a following of over 50,000 online customers who are all making #EveryPoopCount.


Genuine & Effective:
Home Compostable Packaging

Our nappies tick all the boxes and so does our packaging!

We wrap your nappies in 100% certified home compostable packaging (AS581) made from GMO-free corn starch. Pop it in your home compost, green bin or FOGO and it'll disappear without a trace.

How cool is that?

Most brands that claim compostability aren't 'home compostable' certified, which means they can only be composted safely by specific Industrial Composting Services - making the environmental value mostly useless to customers.

And customers know this! As environmental literacy and concern is increasing, customers know this and demand more.

So we spent more than a year specially designing our pack to be as environmentally friendly as possible, collaborating with leaders in cutting edge sustainable packaging, Cardia Bioplastics.

And the cherry on top? They look great on your shop shelf. Move over eco-beige! Comfy Koalas are here to bring the colour back.

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We're a Family-Owned Business

Placing your order with us means you're supporting a local, family owned business. We're committed to offering the best personal service around, with the most competitive price possible. We’re proud to support Family Business Australia who share our passion to grow family owned and run Australian Businesses everywhere.





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