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Here you'll find our Nappy Size Guide, nappy quantities + tips for the most comfortable and leak proof fit around.

What size nappy do I need?

All families are unique and we believe that's something to honour and celebrate. Some babes are teeny tiny and some are super squishy. Both are ADORABLE and deserve the perfect, most comfortable fit for them. 

To keep things simple, we've created our best Nappy Size Guide, based on kilo to size averages and WHO data. When choosing your size always follow the kilo guide. Babies grow at different speeds and come in so many wonderful shapes and sizes, so size by age is only a guide. 

*Kilo to age match is based on the World Health Organisation, 15th - 85th percentile. 

Nappy Size Guide

Nappy Size Guide

How many nappies per day will I need?

Every baby is different and how often they go is dependent on a lot of factors, including how many times they feed. Our Nappy Size Guide shows the average nappies per day, by your baby's weight.

We've done all the work for you with our Monthly Box of Eco Nappies which contain roughly a month's supply by size. We also recognise that all babies are unique, so your Monthly Box frequency is customisable. You can select monthly, every 2 weeks, 2 months - whatever you need to ensure you never run out of nappies!


How should a nappy fit?

Avoiding poonamis and leaks hinges on a quality fit at all times. And babies grow fast, so check their nappy fit regularly.


 The waist should fit snug without the tabs overlapping, but also not so far apart that you allow the sides to open too wide. If your baby's nappy looks like it's sitting too low on the waist, that's another sign it's time to go up a size. The nappy should be firm but comfortable. Check ✓

How should nappy pants fit?

It's important that your nappy pants fit firm around the tummy and thighs. Even when firm, the elastic sides will ensure a super comfy fit, so don't worry. Nappy pants that fit snug avoid leaks, so you want to get this right.

Did you know our nappy pants have easy tear sides? For toddlers who are still doing ones and twos in their nappy pants, our easy tear sides make changing mess and stress free. While your toddler is standing, simply tear down the side seams, and right off your little one's body. Et voila!

Help your toddler learn new skills. Our little koala face motif lets you and your toddler know which way is the front. Hello cutie! 

Shop our best performing Eco Nappies

At Comfy Koalas we have a Quality Fit Guarantee. We're committed to finding the perfect fit for your little one so we offer FREE returns and size exchanges. Simply email 


Never run out of nappies again

Want one less thing to worry about? Get super soft eco nappies delivered to your door every month like magic. Postage is free and there's no risk to try. At check-out use code: 25QUICK to score $25 off your first box (because you deserve it!).

*New monthly box subscription customers only. 1 per person and/or household. 

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