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As parents, we can relate to the mild fear when it's time to change your baby’s nappy for the first time. Nobody is a pro out of the gate. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Learn about how to change a nappy, how many nappies you’ll need and how often to change.

Let’s do the deed! 

Step 1 - Preparation 

  • Wash & sanitise your hands
  • Ensure baby is on a clean, safe surface
  • Have a waste bin close by and opened
  • Before you begin, dispense at least 4 wipes and place them within reach. Unbutton or unzip your baby‚Äôs onesie and lift it to above the belly button. If wearing pants, remove entirely, and lift the top out of the way.

Wriggly baby hack: For older babies, simply roll your baby’s onesie over their arms and button in place. This keeps wandering baby arms firmly out of mess, so you can change them without fuss.

Step 2 - Wipe down

  • Unfasten nappy tabs.¬†
  • With one hand, hold both baby‚Äôs ankles together and lift so that your baby‚Äôs bum is raised off the nappy.
  • Use the soiled nappy to wipe any big poos away and fold the nappy over, so mess is out of the way.
  • Grab a wipe that you dispensed earlier, and gently begin to clean your baby‚Äôs skin. For girls, always wipe front to back. For boys, don‚Äôt forget to thoroughly clean the scrotum.
  • As you finish each wipe, throw them directly into the open bin.

Eco tip: Remember, soiled wipes can’t be composted but most eco wipes containing wee can go into a home compost or green bin - always check the label to make sure you understand biodegradability claims and instructions. Never flush your wipes down loo - they're known to cause plumbing issues.

Step 3 - Clean up & set down

  • Dispose of the soiled nappy.
  • Grab a fresh nappy
  • With one hand, hold both baby‚Äôs legs together and lift so that your baby‚Äôs bum is raised off the nappy.
  • Place the fresh nappy underneath. The¬†side of the nappy with tabs is the back, the other is the front.
  • Open the nappy and fold out the anti-leakage sides (or ‚Äėleg cuffs‚Äô) to activate the barrier. These should always be tucked out, not in, and lower your baby‚Äôs bum into it.¬†

Step 4 - Securing the tabs

  • Release the first sticky tab and pull the front of the nappy up over your baby‚Äôs front.
  • Place one hand over the front of the nappy and use the other hand to engage the first nappy tab. Switch hands and repeat on the other side.
  • You're done (for now)

Skin tip - What causes nappy rash? Remember that regular plastic nappies can cause skin irritation the chemicals used can and increase the risk of nappy rash. Want to know how to treat nappy rash? Prevention is always best. Use an independently certified toxic free, bamboo nappy that has been dermatologically tested for sensitive baby skin. Bamboo is soft, breathable, naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, while also being biodegradable. It's also one of the leading materials recommended by the Eczema Association of Australasia. 

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How should a nappy fit?

Quality fit tip: The waist should fit snug without the tabs overlapping, but also not so far apart that you allow the sides to open too wide. If your baby's nappy looks like it's sitting too low on the waist, that's another sign it's time to go up a size. The nappy should be firm but comfortable.

The perfect fit on a 10 week old baby and 11 month old (below)

How many nappies will I need? 

One thing you will learn on your parenting journey, is just how messy it can be! The¬†amount of nappies you'll go through is eye watering, especially in the first few weeks of baby's life. Investing in nappies that are on a subscription service will not only save you time and money ‚Äď but will save you from running out¬† inconveniently messy moments.¬† Believe me, no parent needs be up this *certain* creek, without a paddle. By ordering your nappies on subscription, you'll also enjoy the convenience of not having to lug home heavy boxes (while also navigating a pram - we've been there!). Instead, nappies are delivered to your door at a frequency selected by you. Life saver.

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Nappies per day by age 

How many nappies a day - Newborn - 6 weeks

Per day  8-10 nappies  
Per month
240 per nappies

How many nappies a day - 3 month old

Per day 7-8 nappies
Per month 192 nappies

How many nappies a day - 6 month old

Per day 6-8
Per month 176 nappies

How many nappies a day - 1 year old

Per day 5-7 nappies
Per month 144 nappies

How many nappies a day - 18 month old

Per day 4-5 nappies
Per month 128 nappies

How many nappies a day - 2 year old

Per day 4 nappies
Per month  96-128 nappies


Did you know: You can subscribe to a Monthly Box that contains the right amount of nappies your baby will need each month? Shipping is free and you can change the frequency easily. 

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How often do you change a newborn baby?

Hot tip - The wetness indicator is worth it's weight in gold. 

You learn fast if you don't change your baby's nappy frequently enough you'll exponentially increase your risk of messy blowouts and nappy rash irritation. Great absorbency can only go so far, so sticking to a frequent change schedule will make sure the anti-leakage isn’t exhausted. But the best way to ensure you're changing frequently enough, without wasting nappies, is to choose a nappy with a wetness indicator. Comfy Koalas Eco Nappies have a natural, non-toxic wetness indicator so you know when it's time to change without disturbing your little one.

Have a question? 

We promise to give you the #nofilter answer. While we love a good joke, we believe that nothing is more serious than your precious baby and protecting our planet for generations to come. That’s why when explaining our products, we speak in a way that’s easy to understand.

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