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We learn about our little ones pretty quickly after they’re born. 

But what’s written in the stars? We've teamed up with Carrie at Honeywood Astrology to have a fun look and see. 

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Aries baby

Aries baby 

Affectionate + Motivator + Schemer 

If your baby is born between March 21 - April 19


Aries is here, and basically ran out of the womb to make their big entrance. Oof - These tiny toes will test the waters on a good day. On a bad day? You need to be armed with a big hug to remind them that you’re there when running headfirst into life (and various inanimate objects) has become too much.

They’re natural leaders (read: bossybooties), even with older siblings or adults. They’re ruled by Mars, meaning they’ll make you feel brave and spontaneous along with them. Add to that a comedy show that keeps everyone wildly entertained, they’ll have you wrapped around their tiny finger.

Tip: Give Aries space for physical activity every day. It’s the healing balm for all that curious energy inside.  

Taurus Baby

Taurus baby 

Sassy + Savvy + Guarded

If they're born between April 20 - May 20

…Did that baby just give you a side eye?


Taurus babies tend to be a little reserved, but with a level of sass that would make a teenager jealous. They’re all about being comfy, familiar and a little dramatic, and will have the enterprising spirit to start charging you to watch them perform in your own lounge room. 

Feeling secure is top priority, so have a cuddle plus their fave bunny or blanket on hand. They’ll probably dramatically dislike ‘new’ people, but once they warm up to them they’re friends for life. You’ll also notice your little bull has an eye for collecting. (What’s theirs is theirs, though. Be warned.)

Tip: Taurus kids generally love to touch and feel things. Sensory boards could be great fun. 

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Gemini Baby

Gemini Baby 

Smart + Curious + Cheeky

If they're born between May 21 - June 21

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been in an intellectual duel with a baby, you’ve probably been with a Gemini. These bubs learn fast, love a chat, and just have a way of figuring you out with… the look.

It’s amazing to watch them watch the world. They’re constantly observing you, your neighbour, the cat, piecing together what you’re all up to. Deep breath in: Gemini babes have a big case of the ‘why’s’, so once they can talk, your patience is going to be important . 

And to shake it up, remember that Gemini is a twin. You never know which one is waiting for you in the cot when they wake. But honestly? That’s just part of the fun. 

Tip: Gemini babies love learning. Start them on a second language early!

Cancer baby

Cancer baby

Sensitive + Stubborn + Loving

If they're born between June 22 - July 22

Ready for a rollercoaster of emotion? Cancers are ruled by the Moon, and feel things really deeply. They’re sensitive souls who love to be the boss, but they hate seeing others sad and always spring into action to help. 

Just like a crab needs its shell, Cancer babies attach meaning to home and the routines in it. They’ll be bossing you round the kitchen one minute, then taking the spatula to bed with them as a souvenir of a great day had. 

When the grumps arrive (and, oh, they do), they’ll indulge in crawling into their shell with their pinchers crossed for some silent treatment. Never fear. A few taps on the shell should coax them out eventually.

Tip: Cancers love being like their parents, and playing make believe. Set them up with a toy version of something you do for maximum excitement. (e.g. toy car, kitchen, mower, doctor kit) .  

Got yourself a little Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Cancer? Share me on Instagram

Leo baby

Leo baby

Bright  + Show-off  + Big-hearted

If they're born between July 23 - August 22

*toots horn* *throws confetti*

Leo has arrived -  and the pleasure’s all yours!  The Leo baby is a brave and curious little thing who absolutely bathes in the spotlight. They’ve also been known to erupt into spontaneous applause for themselves, an activity in which you’ll be expected to participate.

Protip: Leo babes have big FOMO and will get really upset if they’re being excluded. A quick hug after embarrassment or tragedy and these little softies will make a quick recovery. After all, if you ignore them, they’ll be promptly taking their show on the road to the next available audience (Nan).

Tip: Leos are arty, so bright paints and colours are always a winner.  

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Virgo baby

Virgo baby

Earthy + Cautious + Orderly 

If they're born between August 23 - September 22

When a Virgo baby is chilled, they have the ability to ground everyone around them. Ruled by Mercury and the Earth Goddess, they’re thoughtful, practical, and always just have that little furrowed brow while figuring you out.

Virgo will be the hardest worker in the room until their routine alters even in the slightest. Brekky 30 mins late? That’s it. Their world hath ended. If our little perfectionists are finding it all too much, it doesn’t hurt to get out onto the earth and ground themselves as they feel the dirt, sand, grass, worms and mud. Pure bliss*.

*Until they realise they’re dirty.  

Tip: A nice bubble bath is heaven for a Virgo bub - so fresh and so clean!

Libra baby

Libra baby

Social + Indecisive + Bubbly

If they're born between September 22 - October 23

A people person (a baby baby?) from jump, Librans are charismatic and magnetic  - and can make friends with everyone. They’re fantastic mediators, also meaning the toybox conflict between Bunny and Teddy may soon see peace talks. 🤞

While they’re lovable, Libra babes can also get into the habit of telling you what you want to hear. As the balancing act of the zodiac, they kind of like to play Switzerland and please you rather than tell an uncomfortable truth. It’s not malicious, it’s about preserving everyone’s feelings.

Also, keep in mind that as far as decision making goes, Librans will to and fro like there’s no tomorrow.

Yes, even at the wardrobe door as you’re waiting to leave. 

Yes, even if they’re wearing one rainbow sock, a pillowcase and a cowboy boot. 

Tip: Libra is soothed by beauty. Maybe a pretty mobile above the bed or flowers in the garden. Watch to see what they’re drawn to. 

Scorpio baby

Scorpio baby

Funny + Intense + Determined

If they're born between October 23 - November 21

Who knows who gave Scorpios a direct line to your soul through their eyes, but they were born with it. With intensity. With a soft spot so deep the sting in their tail usually gets out fastest to protect them from strong feels. And when that fails, baby-mafia-level love and loyalty. 

 They can be a little possessive, and sharing ain’t their strong suit. But loving you and their chosen few is. Scorpio’s ruled by Pluto, so they’re disruptors. They’re also introverts, which means disciplining can be tough, because sending them to their room to be alone kinda is like sending them to their favourite place.

“Go to your room,” you’ll say.
“Good,” they’ll reply.

Don’t react. 

Tip: Get them outside to expend some of that energy. Or, if all else fails, get them a drum kit to smasssh.                                                                                                                     

Got yourself a little Leo, Virgo, Libra or Scorpio? Share me on Instagram

Sag baby

Sagittarius baby 

Fun + Curious + Impulsive

If they're born between November 22 - December 21

Buckle up, buttercup. It’s Sagittarius time. 

These babes are the human version of a ping pong ball. They’re ruled by the expansive Jupiter, not only meaning that they’re constantly curious and asking questions, but they’re of the opinion that they need to be everywhere and see EVERYTHING. 

They’re super quick and quite philosophical, meaning they’ll ask you big questions from a young age. They love living in their own heads and crave travel and movement. They’’ll be first on the dance floor and last to head home, making friends everywhere they go. You’ll need a lie down at the end of the day, but if it was with a Sag baby,  it was definitely a fun one.

Tip: Get them books on travel and a little globe to explore.        

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Capricorn baby

Capricorn baby 

Intelligent + Wilful + Loyal

If they're born between December 22 - January 19

Meet Capricorn. Practical little bubs who love rules to live by, and work hard at everything they do. Their almost permanently furrowed brow is likely because you’re not cutting their crusts off like you did yesterday, which will result in a firm lecture in babbles that you really should be able to understand, in their opinion.

That said, once you’re in a Capricorn’s handpicked circle, you’re there for life. 

They’re ruled by Saturn which gives them quite a work ethic, but can make things feel a little rigid. They’re strong, funny and love to lead - they can build empires. But even Emperors need a day off to roll around on the grass in their nappy, right?. 

Tip: While Caps love solving puzzles, sometimes just painty, messy, tactile goodness will do wonders. 

Aquarius baby

Aquarius baby

Impatient + Rebellious + Creative

If they're born between January 20 - February 18

Everyday is different with an Aquarius in the house. The little rebels of the zodiac, your Aqua babe will be keeping on your toes as they figure out this crazy ride. From their social butterfly side making new friends to inventing new games and missions in their heads. 

They have a chaotic streak - but it needs to be nurtured, not snuffed out. Yes, even if today’s performance involves a nudie run through the house or a blatant refusal to partake in something they loved yesterday, they’re still expressing themselves.

They’re just practicing for when they’re older and they change the world.

Tip: Need to amuse the Aquarius babe? Give them options - they get bored easily. 

Pisces baby

Pisces baby

Dreamy + Intuitive + Sensitive

If they're born between February 19 - March 20

The real world is a lot for a little fish. Pisces is usually found daydreaming or talking to imaginary friends. They are empathy sponges and tend to take on the emotions of those around them, so if there’s a parent, sibling… barista… in a mood they can sense, they’re gonna take it on

They’re not super conventional babies, so L O L if you think they’re gonna slide into some nice routine… they might sleep like a dream one night and decide to stay up with you and the home shopping networks the next night. (Don’t be tempted to buy those celeb kaftans). Oh and their frequent expressions of art are delivered with a little piece of their hearts - so try not to look actively confused as they present it. 

Tip: If they feel like fish outta water, get them into it! Let them swim, bathe, puddle jump, or watch the rain.                                                                        

Got yourself a little Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces? Share me on Instagram


For more astro insights, follow Carrie from Honeywood Astrology on Instagram.


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