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Size 4 'Toddler'
Nappy Size Guide

If your toddler is 6 - 24 months, they'll likely fit a size 4 nappy well, depending on their weight.

While wearing a size 4 nappy, expect them to start pulling themselves up (onto everything) and eventually, walking all by themselves!

In the biz of baby bums, we're asked A LOT of questions like, 'How will I know when it's time to size up?' and 'How many nappies will my toddler need?'

Here's what you need to know.

Nappy Size Guide

Size Baby's weight age (based on 15-85%) avg nappies p/day nappies p/box
2 - infant 3 - 8kgs 1 - 4mths 6 - 7 192
3 - Crawler 6 - 11kgs 4 - 12 mths 6 - 8 176
4 - toddler 9 - 14 kgs 6 - 24 mths 5 - 7 144
5 - Walker 12 - 18kgs 1 - 3yrs 4 - 5 128

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Our Size 4 Toddler Nappies are designed to fit most babies at around the 1 year mark, but can fit anywhere from 6 months - 2 years, depending on how many kilos they're weighing in at.

They'll start to need slightly less nappy changes at this age, so plan for around 5-7 per day.

Your little toddler is no doubt becoming more active, and as they toddle around, it's important ensure the nappy fits perfectly, to reduce the chance of leaks.

The nappy should be firm but comfortable. Check โœ“

We offer a Quality Fit Guarantee with free size exchanges (we'll cover your shipping) so you're never left with nappies that don't fit your little koala perfectly.
Your toddler's nappies will also be fuller than ever at this age, but you can trust they'll stay dry and protected with our
Super Absorbent Plant Core Technology.

In fact, our nappies hold up to 730ml of absorbency (that's a lot of wees) with the core power of FSC Certified wood pulp & high quality Japanese SAP (plant based polymer) combined, giving you up to 12 hours of protection.

They're the perfect nappies for overnight. A little bit of extra sleep? You're welcome!


The best nappy for happy 'lil bums

Our Premium Eco Nappies are made with sustainable, natural and biodegradable materials that are gentle on baby's bum with absolutely NO nasties. We're Independently Certified Toxic-Free & Eczema safe.

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