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Size 3 'Crawler'
Nappy Size Guide

If your little koala weighs 6 - 11kgs a size 3 is likely perfect for them.

Your little crawler will experience so many wonderful milestones while in this size, like sitting up all by themselves and in their own time, crawling (or butt shuffling!).

In the biz of baby bums, we're asked A LOT of questions like, 'How will I know when it's time to size up?' and 'How many nappies will my baby need?'

Here's everything you need to know.

Nappy Size Guide

Size Baby's weight age (based on 15-85%) avg nappies p/day nappies p/box
2 - infant 3 - 8kgs 1 - 4mths 6 - 7 192
3 - Crawler 6 - 11kgs 4 - 12 mths 6 - 8 176
4 - toddler 9 - 14 kgs 6 - 24 mths 5 - 7 144
5 - Walker 12 - 18kgs 1 - 3yrs 4 - 5 128

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Our Size 3 Crawler Nappies are designed to fit most babies from about 4 - 12 months old, depending on their overall body weight and shape.

Babies come in all different, wonderful shapes and sizes, so it's important to follow kilo guide and monitor how the nappy physically fits on your baby. A perfect fit is crucial to reducing the chance of leaks and making sure your little koala is as comfy as possible.

This nappy will see them through a lot of wonderful milestones and discoveries, so it's important that the fit is on point, so your little Crawler stays comfy and dry.

The waist band should fit snug without the tabs overlapping, but also not so far apart that you allow the sides to open too wide. If your baby's nappy looks like it's sitting too low on the waist, that's another sign it's time to graduate to the next size up. The nappy should be firm but comfortable. Check โœ“
We offer a Quality Fit Guarantee with free size exchanges (we'll cover your shipping) so you're never left with nappies that don't fit your little koala perfectly.

Your baby's skin is still delicate at this age, which is why use super soft and breathable Premium Bamboo - it's simply superior; hypoallergenic and works to prevent nappy rashes naturally, with the power of aloe vera.

Our Eco Nappies are are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and proven to be Eczema Safe, so you can trust that they'll be as gentle on your little Crawler's skin as they are on the planet.

The best nappy for delicate 'lil bums

Our Premium Eco Nappies are made with sustainable, natural and biodegradable materials that are gentle on baby's bum with absolutely NO nasties. We're Independently Certified Toxic-Free & Eczema safe.

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