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Hi, we're Nat & Mo.

As Sydney parents with a baby on the way, friends would share with us the comedy (it happened to them not us) and horror (wait, we’re next) about how much poop would be in our near future.​

I was working at an environmental organisation at the time, and the news came to me in the form of a video - every single day, 3.75 million nappies get thrown into landfill in Australia and NZ. And your average plastic nappy? They estimate it can take around 500 years to decompose and the toxic chemicals are a nightmare for our mother earth (and delicate baby bums).​

Frankly, this was more shocking than the poonamis we’d soon come to experience. And the alternatives? Scarce. We didn't want to wrap our sweet little bubba in plastic and harmful chemicals (chemical induced nappy rash is very common and it hurts), nor did we want to contribute to the nightmare of plastic waste. Comfort and convenience shouldn't have to cost the earth, right?

"We believe that today’s babies deserve to be adults on a healthy and thriving planet."

So we did it, we joined forces with good friends and created a nappy for families just like ours, a mostly plant based nappy that actually works (woohoo!) with a home delivered subscription service, so you have one less thing to worry about. Because details are important.

 Join us on our mission to rid the world of plastic nappies, one poop at a time.


Our joyous now 2 and a half year old, Maceo.  

No nasties here, just clean bums and good times!

Family business


Want one less thing to worry about? Get super soft eco nappies delivered to your door every month like magic. Postage is free and there's no risk to try. At check-out use code: TAKE20 to score $20 off your first box (because you deserve it!).


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