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Question: What’s made from corn, holds all of your oh-so-soft eco nappies AND loves the compost?

Answer: Our compostable packaging!

You asked and we did it. I am so happy to say all of our premium bamboo nappies now come in compostable packaging. So you can feel even more chuffed about the contribution you’re making to reducing plastic waste.

Our special packaging is made from non-GMO corn starch, which is a renewable resource and we've made it with our partner and leader in sustainable packaging, Cardia Bioplastics. 

Our bags are AS 5810 & AS 4736

There's a lot of hogwash (greenwash) out there when it comes to 'eco terms,' so we want to do our very best to provide the clearest information possible about how our packaging works, so that it can return to the earth without a trace.

Firstly, not all compostable packaging is created equal. Ours is AS 5810 Home Compostable and AS 4736 Industrial Compostable which are both Australian Compostable Standards. These certifications are our only national standard and used by councils and state governments.

The certification number lets you know that our claims of compostability are official and have been verified. ALWAYS look for this standard.

Any eco business that makes compostability claims but is not certified AS4736 or AS5810 might be telling porkies, so ask questions. The compostable certifications go through rigorous testing regimes carried out by recognised independent accredited laboratories, so you know you can trust it.

We're super proud to have our compostability tested and certified and wear the badge with honour.


How to dispose of this earth-loving packaging

There are two ways you can do this;  

1. Compost at home or in a community garden

If you're lucky enough to have a home or community compost, this is a really fun activity to do with your little ones. Worms + dirt = a good time! And getting kids involved in tactile, fun sustainability activities like this early is a great way to grow their connection with nature. To speed up the degradation process we recommend folding the bag and cutting it into small pieces before you compost it. Once you've popped it in, make sure to turn your compost and pop the lid back on.


2. Pop it in your Green Bin or 'FOGO'

Waste management in this country is a complex issue and varies greatly by council area, state and territory, so we've broken down the need-to-knows to make it easy.

In most council areas across Australia, the waste from your garden organics bin (sometimes referred to as 'the green bin' or 'FOGO') is sent to a waste disposal centre, is mulched and composted to the Australian Industrial Composting Standard.

Due to this, most councils (check with yours) accept the home compostable standard AS5810 along with garden/food waste, which means our packaging can go in most green council bins. In this case, the work is done for you by your local council (yay! Thank you councils). Again, cutting up the bag will speed up the process. There is some variation of processes and what's accepted across Australian councils, so please check directly with yours.


Have a question? We promise to give you the #nofilter answer

​While we love a good joke, we believe that nothing is more serious than your precious bub and protecting our planet for generations to come. That’s why when explaining our products, we speak in a way that’s easy to understand.

Have a question we haven't answered yet? Email us


Never run out of nappies again

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*New monthly box subscription customers only. 1 per person and/or household. 


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