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It’s been a whopper of a year at Comfy HQ and I’m excited to share.

We’ve crunched the numbers and together we stopped over 6 million toxic, plastic nappies from existing in Australia. Take that, big corporation supermarket nappies! (that’s DOUBLE what we achieved last year).


With our special home compostable packaging, together we saved more than 200,000 plastic packages from landfill, this year alone. Booty shake for zero waste packaging!
You’ve also helped us give back this year. Again we proudly donated 10,000 nappies to families in crisis through our charity partner, The Nappy Collective. These are families in our community who are facing financial hardship, experiencing homelessness, escaping domestic violence, seeking asylum or impacted by natural disasters in rural Australia. And we feel chuffed that with your support we were able to do that, big thanks to you!
This year, we were also able to grant your wishes and release our most requested products of all time; Newborn Nappies, Nappy Pants AND our game-changing Eco Wipes. Co–designing our wipes with 100 of our customers was an absolute dream process and we’re proud to now offer more amazing products that you need and love.
We have bear-y big things in store for you next year, including granting some of your Christmas wishes (SPOILER AHEAD 🤫🤫🤫) with size 3 & 4 Nappy Pants dropping in January. Stay tuned to your inbox and grab ‘em while they’re hot.
Little choices, like which nappies you buy, can add up to have an unbelievable impact.
Thanks for trusting us with the cutest ‘lil bum in your house. And for being part of our big mission.
Together, we’re making #EveryPoopCount


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Have a question we haven't answered yet? We promise to give you the #nofilter answer. While we love a good joke, we believe that nothing is more serious than your precious baby and protecting our planet for generations to come. That’s why when explaining our products, we speak in a way that’s easy to understand. Email us 


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